5th Edition

edizione 2019

The fundamentals of excellence in milk production

5th Edition of Cirio Dairy Meeting - Caserta 12 - 14 February 2019.

The topic of the Meeting 5th edition has a very important aim: to discuss the real foundations needed to take a dairy cow breeding toward excellence in all its aspects. The planning and building of modern barns, the heifers breeding, advanced nutrition plans, staff management and the setting up of a tight working team, are among the topics that will be discussed within this edition of the meeting.

This will happen also thanks to the presence of three famous international speakers and a renown breeder coming from Wisconsin.

During the three days of the meeting, there will be hands on experience, an Open Day at the Cirio Agricola breeding facilities held on the first day and further studies on the topics of the programme, including a round table on excellence in cow breeding.

The goal of the conference is to convey to the participants both meaningful stories and innovative ideas able to provokes thoughts and discussions among the attending guests. The event wants to offer a glance into the future to allow the modern breeder to be aware of new trends and concepts and to be well equipped in making his breeding facilities financially solid in the long term and preserve the business for future generations.